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  • Co-Energy Selected to Present at EcoSummit 2021

    We are extremely proud to announce that Co-Energy’s abstract entitled Preserving Marine Life with Waste-to-Energy Technology: An Industry Point of View by Co-Energy Ltd. has been selected for poster presentation at the prestigious 6th International EcoSummit, scheduled to be held in Gold Coast, Australia, on 14-18 June 2021. The CoSummit conferences have a long and […]

  • Rethink Renewables

    We have grown costumed to think about renewable energy as energy that is produced from replenished natural sources. We rely on solar power as we know the Sun will continue to shine. We use wind turbines to produce electricity because we assume wind will continue to blow. The emphasis in renewable energy resources is, however, […]

  • Rising Awareness Initiatives December 2019 – January 2020

    During the past weeks we have been working diligently to raise public awareness for Co-Energy’s module, which provides a proven, financially beneficial solution in the field of waste-to-energy. In December 2019 we had the honor of presenting our system before a delegation of members of parliament from South Africa, who expressed great interest in Co-Energy’s […]

  • Waste to Energy

    The term Waste-to-Energy (also known as “WTE”) describes the process of using waste as a source for production of energy. This definition encompasses three pillars – the waste; the process that waste undergoes; and the energy that is produced as a result of that process. In this paper we will briefly discuss each one of […]


Our Mission

Waste is a growing global challenge. Our solution creates a sustainable, circular economy around municipal waste, creating a resource out of a nuisance - turning waste collectors into producers.

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