Rising Awareness Initiatives December 2019 – January 2020

Rising Awareness Initiatives December 2019 – January 2020

During the past weeks we have been working diligently to raise public awareness for Co-Energy’s module, which provides a proven, financially beneficial solution in the field of waste-to-energy.

In December 2019 we had the honor of presenting our system before a delegation of members of parliament from South Africa, who expressed great interest in Co-Energy’s system. The combination of efficient waste treatment on the one hand, which does not require prolong and costly sorting processes, and the availability of an independent energy generation capability, has the potential of answering two of South Africa’s major challenges.

Meeting with members of Parliament from South Africa

As South Africa has been suffering from governmental initiated blackouts, the ability to produce energy in the form of electricity or fuel, without dependency on the central grid, holds many advantages. The minimal requirements Co-Energy’s plants need in order to do so make it even more feasible.

In January 2020 we had the privilege of meeting with civil society entrepreneurs and industry leaders from Ghana. The meeting was fascinating and reaffirmed what we at Co-Energy had known since the moment we started to design our system – it has to be a user-friendly interface and the plant must be built from the most outstanding materials in order to ensure minimal maintenance. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be independent in adjusting the plant to work according to their needs and capacities.

Meeting with industry leaders from Ghana

We are excited to continue meeting people from around the world, understanding their needs, and presenting to them the opportunity of an environmental and financially profitable method to treat waste and produce energy at the same time.