About Co-Energy

Looking at two of the world’s most burning challenges – extreme rise in human made waste and the constant growth in demand for clean energy – we at Co-Energy make one a solution for the other.

The startling figure of 2.3 Billion tons of waste annually needs to be addressed. Complementing partial solutions like recycling and education for wise consumption habits, it’s time take on a cost-effective approach and find an economically viable way to treat waste. The only sector with the ability to absorb such quantities without the blink of an eye is the energy sector, where the 2.3 billion tons of waste can be converted to 200,000MW of power. And that’s what we at Co-Energy do – we convert waste to energy in the forms of hydrogen, electricity, fuel and biochar.

Mastering process control & management technologies enabled Co-Energy to utilize a proven pyrolysis process to create a cutting-edge system that converts waste into ready-to-use energy products. The continuous and automatic process turns non-homogeneous waste into efficient and green energy. The system takes all types of raw waste, making the expensive and complicated waste sorting systems irrelevant. The entire process is very clean, in accordance with the most stringent environmental standards.

High energetic value waste such as plastics is converted to electricity , hydrogen or fuel . Keeping in line with the advancements in the electricity sector, we recognize the growing reliance on hydrogen as a source for electricity, thus we developed the ability to convert waste to hydrogen. Co-Energy brings forward a profitable technological solution, taking the concept of circular economy to the next level, where the end product is of greater quality than the input material.

The low energetic value waste, namely organic waste such as food leftovers, agriculture waste, wood, animal manure and sludge, is converted to biochar . Biochar is a carbon-rich material, a perfect solution for cattle and dairy farm owners, who wish to treat animal manure in a profitable and environmental friendly way.

Co-Energy was founded in 2014.