On June 30th, 2022, Co-Energy participated in the first ever Israeli conference on carbon sequestration, held in Shfa’im, central Israel.

Co-Energy at the First Israeli Conference on Carbon Sequestration, June 2022 a
Co-Energy at the First Israeli Conference on Carbon Sequestration, June 2022 a

Co-Energy is an industry leader when it comes to promote technologies that generate high quality carbon sequestration. Converting organic waste to biochar, in a circular economy based system that itself has almost net-zero emissions, is by far the best available and profitable method to sequester carbon by the tons.

During the conference, Co-Energy’s client, Or Pecham Haaretz, presented how they employ Co-energy’s groundbreaking technology to convert wood waste and sludge into biochar. Each ton of biochar can capture an outstanding figure of approximately 1.5 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Co-Energy’s organics-to-biochar plants can handle three tons per hour per module, so the math on how efficient it is in sequestering carbon is apparent.

Co-Energy attaches great importance to being an active industry leader in promoting carbon reductions technologies, working with our partners at governmental ministries and colleagues from the industry to promote this critical discussion and joining forces to mitigate climate change affects. By presenting a solid financial model to our clients, we believe sustainability and climatech should and can go hand in hand with cost effectiveness and profitability.

Co-Energy at the First Israeli Conference on Carbon Sequestration, June 2022 a
Co-Energy at the First Israeli Conference on Carbon Sequestration, June 2022 a

We are excited to share that on Feb. 21, 2022 another project was officially signed!
The project, with one of the leading organic waste treatment companies in Israel, is designed to convert 1 ton of organic waste per hour into biochar .
This is another exciting step towards realizing Co-Energy’s vision on a truly sustainable future achieved through cost-effective technological solutions to waste treatment.
Co-Energy sits at the intersection between waste treatment, clean energy production, and decarbonization, offering the most efficient and profitable way to marry those three elements.

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Shachaf is a recycling company located in Alon Tavor Industrial Zone, near the city of Afula in Northern Israel, which specializes in recycling plastics.

Co-Energy’s plant is installed in Shachaf, enabling the company use the huge amounts of plastic waste at their disposal to produce its own electricity for self-consumption.

The project’s goal was to use a catalytic system to convert plastic waste into fuel, which in turn will power up a genset that will generate 750KW.

The requirements were to convert plastic waste to electricity via:

Receiving unsorted dry plastic waste, mostly polyethylene and propylene, and shred it as pretreatment, preparing it to feed into the reactor.

Using Co-Energy’s unique and innovative technology to convert the plastic waste to fuel.

Using the fuel to power a genset to generate 750 KW at 400V.

Treat all emissions, whether gas or liquid, in compliance with the most rigorous environmental standards.

Project was completed in 2021.