Project Shahaf: Plastic Waste to Electricity

Shachaf is a recycling company located in Alon Tavor Industrial Zone, near the city of Afula in Northern Israel, which specializes in recycling plastics.

Co-Energy’s plant is installed in Shachaf, enabling the company use the huge amounts of plastic waste at their disposal to produce its own electricity for self-consumption.

The project’s goal was to use a catalytic system to convert plastic waste into fuel, which in turn will power up a genset that will generate 750KW.

The requirements were to convert plastic waste to electricity via:

Receiving unsorted dry plastic waste, mostly polyethylene and propylene, and shred it as pretreatment, preparing it to feed into the reactor.

Using Co-Energy’s unique and innovative technology to convert the plastic waste to fuel.

Using the fuel to power a genset to generate 750 KW at 400V.

Treat all emissions, whether gas or liquid, in compliance with the most rigorous environmental standards.

Project was completed in 2021.