Project Elcon: Plastic Waste to Fuel

Elcon Recycling Center is an Israeli company fully owned by Shikun & Binui. The center is an advanced and modern factory located in Neot Hovav Eco-Industrial Park in the Negev, Israel, which provides a variety of services for the treatment and recycling of hazardous materials, sludge and industrial waste, including large volumes of plastic waste.

In the first stage a 0.5 ton/hour plant will be deployed in Elcon’s site, for a pilot period of ~6 months, during which Elcon will incorporate the plant into its overall operation in the recycling park. After the pilot period the second stage of the project will commence, including a 6 ton/hour plant, consisting of three reactors each handling 2 ton/hour of plastic waste, which will be converted to 22,000,000 liters of fuel per year.

Co-Energy’s vision is to make the problem of waste become the solution for clean energy demand. The plastic waste used in the Elcon Project would otherwise be sent to landfilling, creating an additional environmental hazard and with continuous emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting the soil. 1 ton of plastic waste in landfills emits 3 tons of CO2e. Thus, by using Co-Energy’s waste-to-value plant Elcon will be effectively avoiding the emissions of 144,000 CO2e for every year of operation.

The requirements were to convert plastic waste to fuel as set forth:

Incorporating Co-Energy’s plant into the existing facility with minimal footprint.

Using Co-Energy’s unique and innovative technology (IP protected) with remote control advances monitoring.

Produce fuel in a quality that is suitable to use in heavy vehicles.

Treat all emissions, whether gas or liquid, in compliance with the most rigorous environmental standards.

The first stage was commissioned in December 2023.